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Howard Smith Lawyers - Trial Lawyers

Howard Smith and Paul Dutt do the trials. Mr Smith has done more than 1000 trials in his fortieth year of law practice, and Mr Dutt is a very frequent counsel in Criminal Court. Our firm does not do Family Law, Divorce, Conveyancing, Wills and Estates, Patent Law, WCB cases or Corporate and Commercial Law. If you need lawyers to do these things, we know good lawyers who practice in these areas and will refer you

We estimate 90% of our Litigation (trial) files are ICBC;  the remainder divided between Criminal Defence, Occupiers' Liability (Slips and Falls) and then Medical Malpractice.

It is important to say that most ICBC cases settle, so most of the time you will not need to go to court. We always prepare you for that in any event and almost never settle without starting the lawsuit. 

ICBC cases are nearly all done on a contingency basis, that is, you pay a percentage, but nothing "up front". The percentage varies by the time we achieve a settlement,  but it can never exceed one third. 

We go out of our way to explain everything as we go. This starts the day you sign papers in our office and throughout your case. 

Our clients can always call us and we always call back. 

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Accidents & ICBC Claims

Our Firms Specialty

Most of our lawyers do nothing but this. The first interview is always free. So there is no downside in getting informed.

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Personal Injury

Including Liability Fights

Have you been injured and are needing support and compensation? Learn more about how our Lawyers can help. 

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Criminal Defense

Focusing on serious charges

We specialize in Criminal Defence cases ranging from impaired driving to assault and narcotics-related charges.

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Brain and Spine Injury

Brain Injuries & Traumatic Accidents

Have you suffered a brain or spinal injury? Learn how we can support you if your life has been 'disturbed, disrupted or destroyed.'

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