Howard Smith has conducted the defence of literally thousands of criminal charges since 1977.

These days Mr. Smith focuses on a variety of serious criminal charges including:

  • Dangerous, Reckless or Impaired operation of a motor vehicle causing death or bodily harm
  • Sexual assault charges (including historical offences)
  • Robbery and home invasion
  • Weapons offences including grievous bodily harm
  • Homicide charges, deliberate, reckless, negligent or manslaughter
  • Assault and grievous bodily harm
  • Criminal Code Impaired Driving charges.

Paul Dutt works with Mr. Smith and conducts all manner of criminal defence, be they Summary Conviction (misdemeanors), Motor Vehicle/traffic trials, or Indictable Offences (felonies).


Criminal defence at Howard Smith and Company always requires you to pay the lawyer.
Legal fees cannot be a percentage as criminal defence does not generate money.
Fees are negotiated on a per case basis.

Cases involving Indictable (felony) offences are more expensive but terms can usually be worked out.

At Howard Smith and Company we do not do Legal Aid as the funding is too limited to permit our usual thorough defence.