With a total of 64 years of law practice experience, we are confident in our ability to present your case in the best possible light.

Thousands of clients that we have successfully represented can attest to that. From serious injury claims to threatening criminal charges, Howard Smith and Company is ready to do well with your case.

In injury claims we take a percentage (contingency fee). This is a standard in the industry (personal injury practice). Most Injury Law Firms do this. This means, if you lose your case, you will not owe your lawyer legal fees (the lawyers’ work). However, you may owe him the expenses (disbursements) spent on your claim (also a standard in the industry).

In most cases you will not be required to use your own money for expenses (disbursements). You just sign a contingency fee contract. In some cases you will be required to pay disbursements. This may depend upon your case.


Car Accidents and ICBC

One of our exclusive areas. Find out how we can help with your car accident claim.

Injury Claims

It takes smart lawyers to advance a smart case. We have those.

Criminal Defence

We take on criminal defence cases, including homicide charges.