Slip and fall is Occupier’s Liability. If it involves a City or Municipality notice is required in two months, so don’t delay getting a lawyer. Get on it now!

Medical Malpractice is likely the most difficult civil claim to advance. You will be up against Canadian Medical Protective Association, CPMA, with “bags of gold” not to pay claims, but to defend doctors, no matter how poor your treatment was.

Unfortunately, unhappy medical results are not automatically Medical Malpractice. These cases are taken on a case by case basis. You cannot prove a Medical Malpractice claim without an expert opinion supporting negligence from another medical doctor/expert. These are not free and are usually an expensive disbursement.

Usually disbursements (expenses) and some legal fees are required to investigate your claim before we can agree to a percentage (contingency) billing. If we agree to a percentage(contingency fee), your retainer to investigate the claim will be returned out of a successful result, but not repaid from an unsuccessful result.